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What is Partnership Registration ?

Partnership Firm is the most popular forms of business entity in India for the Partners Entrepreneurs. it needs just only 2 Person to Start a Business.

There are 3 Important Factors under partnership firm registration –
#1 Partnership Deed on Stamp Paper with Notarised
#2 PAN & TAN of the Partnership
#3 Registration under other act like MSME Act 2006.

Partnership Firm Registration fees 

We at CAONLINEINDIA have lowest pricing guarantee for the Startups & Small Business. We have 2 packages –
Basic Partnership Firm Registration
Include :
#1 Partnership Deed Drafting Service by Legal Expert
#2 PAN & TAN Application
#3 Partnership Firm Registration under MSME Act.
Premium Partnership Firm Registration –
Include :
#1 Above Basic registration of partnership firm package.
#2 GST Registration on Partnership Firm Name.

Note :- Printing of the Deed on Stamp Paper and Notarization Services not included in the above package which required the physical presence of all partners.

Steps Taken to Register a Partnership Firm

#1 First Choose Partnership Firm Name.
#2 Fill up Application form with the business and personal details.
#3 Create Partnership Agreement or Deed with the help of CAONLINEINDIA Professionals.
#4 Take Printout of the deed on stamp & sign by all the partners with notarization.
#5 Email us your Deed Scanned Copy and Apply for the PAN & TAN.
#6 Get PAN & TAN Acknowledgement via Email from us.
#7 In next few days you will get the partnership firm pan card physical copy from the department.
#8 Apply for the MSME Registration with the help of CAONLINEINDIA Professionals.
#9 Get MSME Certificate and other legal agreements on your email with a complete package from us.
#10 Just open a current bank account on the basis of Deed & PAN +TAN+MSME and start your business.

Features of partnership Firm –

#1 2 Person Required as Partners.
#2 Partners share responsibilities and duties of the business.
#3 More capital can be brought into the business.
#4 Partners share responsibilities and duties of the business.

A detailed Guide on How to Register a Partnership Firm Step by Step –

Step 1 – Choose Partnership Firm Name –
Your First step is to choose the partnership firm name. but you have to remember the below 2 factors while choosing the partnership firm name –

#1 Choose the name Which is not trademark or copyright or not registered as private limited company. you can use the MCA Website or Trademark search website to know about the registered brand names. for more info on this check out this article on company name search.

#2 never use words like Crown, Emperor, Empress, Empire or words because its required the govt approval for the same.

Step 2 – How to Create Partnership Deed ?
Partnership deed is an agreement between the partners where all the terms and conditions are mentioned regarding the partnership firm. Its always in the written with the stamp paper & notarized.

It’s include following things –
1. Name of the Firm.
2. Full Address of the registered office of the Firm.
3. Brief Description on the nature of the business.
4. Profit Sharing Ratio between the partners.
5. Name & Full Address of all Partners.
6. Salary Amount if any firm will be paid to the Partners
7. Capital Contribution by each Individual Partner.

Apart from this in the deed agreement rules regarding the admission of the partner & retirement, death etc. after the drafting you have to simply print on the stamp paper & get notarized the same.

Step 3 : – How to Register Partnership Deed in India –
Partnership Deed Registration with the Registrar of Firms are optional but still, if need the registration then you can follow the below documents to register with the Registrar of Firms –

  1. Application for Registration of Partnership in Form No. 1
    2. Duly filled specimen of Affidavit
    3. Certified True Copy of the Partnership Deed
    4. Ownership proof of the principal place of business or rental/lease agreement thereof.

Once you submit the application to the registrar by signing the application, they will check all the deed points and terms for the same. if satisfied then record the partnership firm name in the register which is maintained by the ROF.

The Registrar of Firms always maintains the up to date information about the partnership firm. even anyone can person find the details of any firm in the registrar of firms by payment of prescribed fee.

If in case your application rejected then you have to full-fill the requirements to resubmit the same. Remember its an expensive activity in some states with the offline mode so its always optional for the partnership firm.

You can simply go with the MSME Registration Act instead of the ROF and open your bank account & start your business.

FAQ on Partnership Firm Registration

Yes, you can use the partner’s residential property (home address) for the registration. Its required only the proof of registration like electricity bill copy or rental agreement or no objection certificate etc.

if the electricity bill copy is on another person name then its required the NOC i.e is owner don’t have any objection on commercial activity. Don’t worry it does not change your residential meter connection.

No, because in the partnership firm name identity protection is not available. you can choose any firm name. for the name secure you can go with the Trademark Registration with partnership firm.

Yes, you can register your family member name, there is no issue. its required the basic above documents to get done online partnership firm registration.

Nothing, you have to just deposit the capital amount which is required to maintain your current bank account balance. so you can show any amount of the capital for the same. there are no requirements like the private limited company registration.

Partnership firm is registered under the partnership act only with the Registrar of firms. but after the introducing LLP Registration in India most of the people don’t register the partnership firm with the Registrar of Firms due to expensive cost.

But below are some disadvantage not to register with the Registrar of firms ?
#1 You can’t file a case against any partner or firm.
#2 You can’t file a case against any third party
#3 Can’t avail the power to claim set off.

Registrar of firms registration is very expensive and optional so you can skip the same and apply under any other act like MSME. you can apply for the MSME Registration Certificate and easily open a current bank account.

Only Indian resident person are allow for the partnership firm. if you have any foreign partner then you can go with the pvt ltd company only.